Ho · mer · ic / ho 'merik / adj. (1) of or in the style of Homer or the epic poems ascribed to him, (2) of epic proportions

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Homeric Partners was established in 2002, in the wake of 9/11, by Lou Winoski, an aerospace industry owner and executive. By then, Lou had a 20 year track record of building and leading organizations using principles developed in the US Army, with Stanford University faculty members, and his own experience.

Homeric's purpose is to assist in building robust enterprises of enduring value. Our Principals have owned and/or operated aerospace companies and possess credibility with deep industry knowledge and global networks. Our Partners share our vision and they provide reach into every tier of the aerospace supply chain throughout the world.

Though we were born in the aerospace industry, our principles apply universally. Clients include public and private organizations and entities in other markets. The principles of success in one market translate into others. Our approach is "hands-on" and fully engaged in our Clients' success. We are Goal-setters and believe in measuring relevant results.