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SBW Ventures, Inc.

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SBW Ventures, is a business development consulting firm founded by Steve Weintz. Steve works closely and in confidence with business owners to evaluate the current business model and identify opportunities for significant growth. He's a sales and marketing guy at heart, so while business models and strategic planning are important, SBW prides itself on execution - getting results.

"I'm pretty good at what I do and I've been doing this for over 30 years and have broad industry experience. See 'About SBW Ventures' for what my clients say about my work. Better yet, pick up the phone and call me. I look forward to speaking with you." - Steve

White Consulting

White Consulting provides marketing, human resources, and management consulting services to professional service firms and non-profit professional associations throughout the United States. All of our clients are served by an underlying principle that our management services must be rigorously informed by pragmatism and attention to customer service. Our emphasis is improving our client's bottom line, without sacrificing customer service. This client focused approach assures our clients that all the projects we undertake are not only accomplished quickly and economically, but to the satisfaction of our client.

Pamita Aviation Service USA, Inc.

Darius C. Anderson, founder and CEO of Pamita Aviation Ltd, has over 23 years of successful implementation, management and development of military and commercial business "line of sight" initiatives in Asia, Middle East and Europe. Pamita Aviation is a strategic service provider to MRO, Depot Level Maintenance, and Manufacturing environments in the area of consultancy, supply chain, program management, business development, procurement and logistics to international organizations in Brazil, Europe, China, Singapore, South Africa and Japan. With its headquarters based in Amsterdam and Hong Kong, Pamita is the "vital partner" to execute your entry and sustainment within the frame-work of HOMERIC PARTNERS. Pamita operational support in The Americas and Asia Pacific are poised to facilitate cross-Atlantic and cross-Pacific trade, development and support for aerospace and manufacturing industries.

Locate X

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LocateX is an association of Charleston area best-in-class service providers. A team of leaders in their respective industries have come together to form locateX, a one-stop resource for individuals and organizations desiring to relocate to Charleston, SC. Representing the breadth of disciplines required to consider and accomplish such a move, the locateX team provides seamless interface between all participants and lessens the ordeal. Services include Business Development, Engineering and Property Development, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Temporary Housing, Hotels, Legal, Hospitality and more.

Yang Partners U.S.


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Yang Partners US, founded by Jim Sexton, a former Navy fighter pilot and Eastern Airlines captain, is a private wealth management firm focusing on the movement of Chinese capital into the US. Yang's clients are high net worth individuals and businesses seeking Wealth Preservation, Wealth Creation, and Quality of Lifestyle. As an aviation enthusiast, Jim has a great interest in growing the aerospace and aviation training industries in South Carolina, but diverse activities span farming, trading, real estate, currency, equities, and education.