Ho · mer · ic / ho 'merik / adj. (1) of or in the style of Homer or the epic poems ascribed to him, (2) of epic proportions

Helping Organizations Define
and Realize Their Visions

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Vision consists of Purpose, Core Values & Beliefs, and Mission.

Homeric's Purpose

We exist to help organizations define and realize their Visions.

Core Values and Beliefs

  • Our Clients come first, whether external or internal, and we understand their needs.
  • Our Clients deserve satisfaction based on capable processes managed by teams.
  • We operate in an environment of honesty, openness, and mutual respect.
  • We are characterized by a willingness to give and take constructive feedback, and then take action to improve.
  • We are committed to providing opportunity for and improving the lives of our people and their families.
  • Our Stakeholders-investors, customers, people, and communities deserve significant, measurable benefits as a result of our work.


Our Mission is a big goal which is measurable and, once achieved, a new one is adopted.